photocredit: marija kanizaj



Kiris Artworks creates everything with passion and love for the details from Corporate Design to your own individual typeface design. The graphic and design studio was founded in 2013 in Graz/Austria and is specialized in the creation of all printed matter with a strong focus on typography and type.

The studio offers his clients strong visual concepts and high quality creations, by focusing on whole design strategies and custom oriented visual solutions for any occasion.

ABOUT ME   Iris Kirchner finished her Master Studies in “Visual Communication and Iconic Research” at “the Basel School of Design” in 2011. She is passionate about Typography and Pattern, which is also reflected in her artworks. She has a strong background in Iconic Research (Bildforschung) and graphic design. Iris always works full hearted and with a strong concept in mind. Since her master degree she was working on a variety of projects for different clients and agencies.
“Love what you do and you will do it good for sure!”